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First, market segmentation.
         Not a single market, with a homogeneous customer demand, but diverse, heterogeneous groups, so the market segmentation can discover new market opportunities, but also better able to meet market demand; fuller play to the enterprise both advantages and selected targets for the enterprise market conditions and lay the foundation.
Second, the target market selection.
         Selected target markets and marketing mix strategy is marketing two interrelated core. Selected target market is in the business segments of the market, decided to enter the market, one company must have a clear target market; second is for a product must have a clear demand, there is a clear consumer groups; Third, seize the main contradiction, focused, ie do not appeal to everyone, and do not demand anything.
Third, the marketing mix.
         Once it is clear target market, it is necessary to consider how to enter the market and to meet the market demand problem, and that is organic combination of product, price, place, promotion and other combinations of factors, but do not the simple sum of several combinations of factors.
Fourth, the implementation plan.
         Implementation Plan for the implementation of the marketing strategy and the plans. After a well-organized strategy development in a planned and orderly implementation. Specific content includes organizational and staffing; works; procedures and schedule; expense budget and so on. To investigate outstanding domestic enterprises to understand their general conduct of the marketing mix. Highlighting differences and competitive company has unique, full advantage of the favorable properties of the Company. In the combination of the four major factors in the end what the most important, which varies by industry, format varies, but in general, which is highly valued products. Whether the product is provided by the enterprise market, the desired product, whether it can meet consumer demand, to resolve consumer problems to be solved, providing consumers want to get the benefit of this is the product key. Only the satisfaction of consumers, consumers will recognize your product, take your product.