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      Knowledge-based economy of today, competition among enterprises has been sublimated into the corporate culture of competition, it is the enterprise comprehensive strength, the degree of civilization of the reaction, the productivity of knowledge form into physical form the source of productivity. From the company since its inception, the accumulation of deep cultural heritage, in the face of the new situation and tasks, opportunities and challenges in the fierce market competition, the enterprises bigger and stronger, to achieve leapfrog development, a "culture of enterprise, the cultural Hing Investment "concept to establish without delay, to promote reform and development, enhance innovation, the image of strength and core competitiveness, to create a" enterprises, famous products, leading a healthy atmosphere, staff morale, "the development environment. 

        Culture is the company's rapid and steady development of the important kernel, we have been committed to building a people-oriented corporate culture.

The company's Vision: to provide global quality products and services, to create industry-leading companies.

Company's corporate purpose: to contribute to the development of electric utilities, is committed to shareholders, employees and partners to bring maximum benefit to achieve through the joint grow and achieve customer value maximization.

The company's direction: the electrical manufacturing-based development of associated industries, rapid growth of R & D, manufacturing, marketing as one of the Enterprise Group.

The company's entrepreneurial spirit: unity, hard work, innovation and enterprising.

The company's quality policy: strict accordance with the standard system operation, product quality is stable and reliable.